Specializing in high-fired, lead-free glazes with a Alpha Alumina body, Homer Laughlin remains the largest domestic pottery employing over 1100 skilled workers in a 37 acre facility. As a leader in the china design and manufacturing market, Homer Laughlin has pursued the issues that matter most: lead-free dinnerware, durability, contemporary design and timely delivery. With it's own in house Art Department, Homer Laughlin has the luxury of offering it's customer one of a kind custom made china patterns.

What's New...

Arctic White

Pattern #10000
What could be better than the durability of Homer Laughlin's Rolled Edge and Narrow Rim line? Nothing, unless you're wanting the durability wrapped in the elegance of the European white. Homer Laughlin heard the wants of their customers and introduced Arctic White: The perfect marriage between strength and style.


Pattern #0337

The Homer Laughlin China Company is proud to announce its new Fiesta Dinnerware color for 2013 – Lapis. An intense blue, the gemstone it was named for is thought to be have magical powers in some cultures. In fact, because of the gemstone’s rich, mesmerizing color, it was among one of the first to be worn as jewelry. It’s no surprise that this color has long-lasting appeal; it can be seen on the latest fashion runways today, as well.

Custom China: If you can dream it we can make it come true.

The award winning design staff of Homer Laughlin China creates over 1,500 custom designs and samples every year for many restaurants, hotels and clubs around the world. Whether coordinating with the interior design themes of a multi-facility operation or complementing the ambiance of an exclusive restaurant, our collective artistic expertise is brought to final production through advanced decorating techniques and hand craftsmanship. Our designers and engineers have worked together to advance the use of lead-free decorating materials, modern manufacturing techniques, precious metals, exclusive one-fire processes and complex molds. Those emerging technologies, combined with the time-honored craft of pottery, can open new vistas for expression and deliver quality product orders at affordable pricing. 
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