PS Furniture is an industry-leading manufacturer of portable furniture. We serve customers around the US and the world with commercial furniture solutions designed to be portable, stackable and storable.
We are proud to label many of our products with "Made in the U.S.A." Most of the products that we sell are produced and shipped directly from our Pennsylvania factory.
What's New...
Reception Package

Reception Package is a complete self-contained unit including (10) 30" round knock-down cocktail Table Cart. Since there are not tools required to install or dismantle these cocktail tables, they setup in a matter of minutes

       Literally bonded to the table core, the New MAXX Edge from           
       Furniture completely reinvents table edging. No more filthy gaps. Strikingly       
       good looks. Amazingly durable.
       Make a clean break from traditional tables. Choose the New MAXX Edge.

    Revolution Training Table

    PS Furniture annouces NEW Revolution Training Tables. Our patented panel technology yields tables that are half the weight of conventional tables. Revolution's clean lines and great looks encourage the elimination of linens and all their associated costs.

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