RAK Porcelain's taste for adventure, creative spirit, quality and refinement fulfill all your dreams of getting away from it all, to offer you a round the world trip of flavours you'll never forget! RAK Porcelain's new brochure pulls out all the stops to introduce you to its incredible collections! Refined products, delicate creative notes, the originality and quality of each piece... the 'around the world' collection by RAK takes admirers of fine tableware on a timeless journey...

What's New...

Ode to shapes, earth and light designed to reflect nature’s organic curves, Nabur’s asymmetry and brilliant whites heighten the gastronomic creations of the greatest chefs and most passionate cooks. Ode to nonconformity, to diversity and the culinary arts;born to satisfy the demanding and ever-changing creativity of contemporary cuisine. Nabur springs from the latest technologies to offer optimal functionality and durability.

B. Concept

Designed by RAK Porcelain to provide an innovative solution, B-Concept can harmoniously present the most diverse of buffets. Flexible and innovative, the different items of B-Concept can be used all day long and are compatible with items from our other collections, especially Minimax and Buffet.

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